Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How To Choose The Best Affiliate Program

Author: Richard Legg
With the amount of shady looking websites we find on the Internet promising you to make a millionaire virtually overnight, we are always wary of any program that can help you earn cash from home. You are right to be skeptical as most websites are either mere scams or give poor results that don't make the amount of time invested worthwhile. You will probably react in a similar fashion to Google Cash, which makes the exact same promises as those of the 'shady sites' that you are afraid of. So, is it just another scam or does it deliver what it promises? The fact that it is named Google Cash may also raise your suspicion as the only known way you can think of to earn money from Google is using AdSense. So, let us discuss Google Cash and confirm what this is all about. Google Cash enables you to make money by earning commissions from ClickBank and using Google PPC advertisement medium AdWords to attract visitors to your site(s). In order to make money this way you need to create a Google AdWords account and sign up with ClickBank to become an affiliate marketer. After this, you need to choose the products on ClickBank that you will promote. This will depend on which products you are most comfortable to discuss and which give best commissions. You can either choose products with high affiliate gravity (attract lots of traffic but where you may face tough competitions) or low affiliate gravity (attract less traffic but don't have many affiliates promoting them). Promote these products writing articles containing URL that leads to the main website of these products. If a visitor comes to your site clicks on any of these URLs and make purchases then you will earn hefty commissions. Now, in order to make your site visible on web, promote your site on Google AdWords. Remember, Google AdWords is a paid advertisement program and you need to spend money if Internet users reach your site via your AdWords ads. However, the commission that you earn from ClickBank will outweigh your total spend, as AdWords is extremely economical. This is the crucial factor in becoming successful using this moneymaking scheme. However, this is where Google Cash comes in handy. It is an excellent accumulation of facts and tutorials that will help you choose the most successful affiliate programs on ClickBank and it also tells you the secrets of creating successful campaigns on AdWords. Your ultimate aim should be to spend as less as possible on AdWords. Fortunately, Google AdWords system rewards well-structured AdWords campaigns by showing them in higher positions but not necessarily charging more money. AdWords will not charge you more than what you are willing to spend. Therefore you need to set up a daily budget and a maximum CPC (cost-per-click) which AdWords system will never exceed.
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