Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Great Affiliate Marketing Tips

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Affiliate marketing is probably one of the best ways to make money on the internet. With this article I hope to give you some tips to make your business a little more prosperous.

1. You want to create an information packed mini site. Build your mini site directed at a certain niche. You can then choose your affiliate program products so they fit nicely with the people who are looking at your niche sites.

2. Promotion of your product is very important but what’s more important is tracking those promotions. Tracking your ads is so important in order to see which of your programs and ads are working for you.

3. If you publish an ezine this will give you a great way to promote your affiliate programs to all your subscribers. It is important however to choose affiliate programs and products that fit the category of your ezine. This will make it more worth your while once you start promoting the program.

4. In your ezine you have to promote your affiliate programs and the products that are involved in the programs. In your ezine you should have a section that recommends your affiliate programs and another section that recommends the products. You don’t have to mention dollars and cents but in your ezine you can make sure your readers know which of your programs make the best money for you.

5. Something else you can do is right product reviews for products from your affiliate program. You don’t want to make these reviews with hype. You do want to be honest. You should post these reviews on your web site somewhere.

6. You’re going to want to write your own ads for your affiliate programs. You can direct your ads in several different ways such as how this product will save you time, save you money or how it’s easy to understand and work. Make sure you track these ads to see which ones are working.

7. Everybody loves freebies and affiliates are no different. You can offer all your visitors something free such as an email course or an eBook of some sort. Once these people sign up to your program you want to make sure you give your affiliates something free for them to give away.

8. Create a directory of affiliate programs. Make sure your program is listed in this directory. You can do this through articles, blogs or on your website. You can also build an eBook directory making sure your eBooks are all in this directory.

9. You are going to run your ads in other ezines. Make sure you pick ezines that are directly related to what you are promoting. Make sure you run your ads in multiple issues.

I personally use all these tips in all my affiliate programs. They have worked equally great. The key to remember is that with affiliate marketing you can’t just sign up, sit back and let the program do the work. Any kind of work you do on line involves a lot of hard work. If you implement all these tips and work hard knowing that it will take some time to see profits then I can guarantee you will be successful. About the author:Dale is the owner of two very successful affiliate marketing websites.

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