Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Affiliate Commissions

Your affiliate commissions are your earnings. Each sale you make for your sponsor will earn a percentage of the sale. This will be your commission. In order to make your affiliate business grow you will need to be sure you earn a decent commission from every affiliate program you join.

Safeguarding your commission: it is important to know how to safeguard your commission. You can do this in several ways.

Checking out the companies:

It is critical to your success that you check out the company that you are proposing to join. Be sure they are reliable and are an established business. You do not want the company to fold before you can get paid your commissions. Also you do not want to work for unreliable unscrupulous companies.

Decent sales page: Your sponsor should always have a great sales page. It is no good if you send lots of warm ready to buy visitors to your sponsor’s website only to find that the sales page does not convert well.

How much percentage: the percentage of any purchases made by the visitors you send to your sponsor’s site will be your commission. Be sure it is a reasonable percentage, at least 30 to 50 per cent so that it will be worth your while.

Reliability in payment: make sure that you are paid monthly or bi monthly and on time. You want to be quite sure that the company will not delay your payments. You do not want to work for free.

Tracking system: Be sure that your sponsor has a reliable tracking system. This will make a record of all the traffic you send to your sponsor’s site and all the sales. You can then see how your visitors are converting and how much you should be paid that month.

Cloaking your affiliate link: There are many people who wil literally steal your sales commission from you. They will either cut out your code from the link and buy direct from the company or replace your code with theirs. Either way you lose your commission. In order to prevent this you will need to use software to disguise the link or have a link that redirects your visitor to the sponsor’s sales page.

Checking that your links work: This is something that many affiliates forget to do. It is no good sending traffic to a broken link. There can be a number of reasons for broken links. Sometimes it is temporary other times it is permanent. If you find your link to your sponsor’s site is not working it is very likely one of 2 things. Your sponsor may be having some web site issues, which will be temporary, or if you are using a redirect service for that link, it may have broken and you will have to remake it or use another company.

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