Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Author: Mandeep Sidhu

Do you know who took the smallest hits in the stock market these days? The ones who had a diverse portfolio. What does this have to do with affiliate marketing? As with anything else in life, if you concentrate all your efforts in one area and that one area goes south on you, you\'re going to be in big trouble. That\'s why it\'s important, as an affiliate marketer, to make sure that you don\'t put all your eggs in one basket. This article is going to offer some suggestions for diversification.

First, a little story. I started as an affiliate marketer back in 2003. I latched onto this really great product that I started selling. I did so well selling it that the product owner told me that I was his top affiliate. I think that\'s pretty cool considering that I had just started out and didn\'t have a lot of experience. For more details Anyway, this is the only product that I sold back then. I didn\'t need to sell anything else because sales were so good. However, as time went by and the product got old, it didn\'t sell so well anymore. I realized that I had to start looking for other things to sell. Had I done this at the start, I wouldn\'t have had to scramble last minute to find a substitute as my income was starting to dry up.

Now, don\'t get me wrong. I also made sure I developed my own products after marketing a few years so that I didn\'t need to depend on affiliate sales. But as I started to settle into my new role as a product creator, I realized that I missed affiliate marketing and went back into it. Doing this, I noticed that this trend of products that would stop selling after a while didn\'t stop. I was always replacing old products with new ones. So what I started to do was grab hold of a number of products in different niches at one time and promote them all. This made it so that if one stopped selling, I had others to fall back on and could then take my time looking for a substitute. As a result, my affiliate income today is quite steady.

My suggestion is simple. Diversify. Create a portfolio of maybe five or six different products to sell and try to make them in different niches. For more details For example, you might sell six products from the following niches: sports, dating, make money, debt relief, health and photography...just as examples. This way, if one stops selling, you have five others that will still be selling well while you look for a replacement. This way, you don\'t have to worry about your income ever drying up completely.

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